Tourist spot in Toono city

Aragami shrine [荒神神社]

Aragami shrine in summer
Aragami shrine in summer
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Aragami shrine in autumn
Aragami shrine in autumn

Aragami shrine is located 6 km southeast of Toono station.
It is in Aozasa district, and is located about 1.7 km southeast of Aozasa station next to Toono station.

In the wide rice field, there is only the very small shrine with thatched roof.

The simple scenery is popular.
It is sometimes called as an original Japanese landscape or a symbolic landscape of Toono.

In spring, the rice field is like a pond because rice seedlings are planted in the water.
In summer, rice grows up and the field is like green field of grass.
In autumn, the color of rice changes from green to golden yellow because rice bears.
After harvesting, we can see stubble field.

The shrine is in such rice field.

In this shrine, the God named as Gongen is enshrined, but the people in this district has called the god "Aragami-sama".

How to get here

There is no public transportation.
It is good to use reantal car or bicycle.
Or, go to Aozasa station by JR train, then walk about 1.7 km (20-25 minutes).

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