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Jokenji temple [常堅寺]

Nio statues in main gate of Jokenji
Nio statues in main gate of Jokenji
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Jokenji is a Buddhist temple of Soto sect of Japanese Zen Buddhism.
The first "o" in the word is pronounced long, so it is read as "Jôkenji" in Japanese.
It is located 5 km northeast of Toono station.

It is said that this temple was established in 1490.

There is the main gate, and a pair of wooden Nio statues stand in the both side of the building.

It is said that the Nio statures were carved by En-nin, a priest in the 9th century.
These were originally put in Hayachine shrine at the foot of Mount Hayachine, and were moved to this temple in the late 19th century.

Komainu of Kappa
Komainu of Kappa
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In the site, there are main hall and some other buildings.

Especially, a pair of stone statues of guardian lion-dog are popular.
In Japanese, they are called "Komainu".
They are put in front of Juoudo hall.

These Komainu have a Sara of Kappa.
There are no other cases like this.
About Kappa, please read the info page of Kappa-buchi.

There is Kappa-buchi just at the back of the temple.
According to the local legend, Kappas had been living around Kappa-buchi.

When the temple suffered a fire, the Kappas put out the fire.
So, it is said that the Kappas became the Komainu.

How to get here

Route buses are operated but they are operated every a few hours.
The closest stops are "Denshoen" or "Ashiaraigawa".
About 20-25 minutes from Toono station.

Rather, it is convenient to use a rental bicycle or car.

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