Tourist spot in Toono city

Tsuzuki-ishi rocks [続石]

Rocks / Iwa
Rocks of Tsuzuki-ishi, Photo by TANAKA Juuyoh

Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Tsuzuki-ishi is a structure of big rocks located 9 km west of Toono station.

There are the rocks in the forest on the mountainside.

A huge rock is put on two rocks, it is called as "Kasaishi".
Kasaishi rock is 7 meters long, 5 meters wide and 2 meters high.

It is said that this construction of the rocks was not made naturally.
But, no one knows when, by whom and how the construction was made.

One says that it was an ancient tomb ("Dolmen" in archaeology).
Another says that Benkei, a strong Buddhist warrior monk in the 12th century, built that.
The latter is in the folktales of Toono.

How to get here

Route bus from Toono station is operated but it is operated only once a day.
Rather, it is convenient to use a rental bicycle or car.

There is a parking at the foot of the mountain, then you climb a path about 500 meters long.

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