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Toono Furusato Village [遠野ふるさと村]

Toono Furusato Village
Toono Furusato Village
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Toono Furusato Village is an open-air museum that a traditional agricultural village is re-created.
It is located 7 km north of Toono station.

In Japanese, it is called "Tôno Furusato Mura".
"Furusato" means "hometown", and "mura" means "village".

The size of the site is about 300 meters north to south, and about 500 meters east to west.

Horse stable in Magariya, Toono Furusato Village
Horse stable in Magariya
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Rice field in Toono Furusato Village
Rice field in Toono Furusato Village
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

In the site, there are seven traditional houses built in the period between the late 18th century and the late 19th century.
And six houses of them are Magariya.

Magariya is a farm house with L-shaped floor layout, and the specific shape has been seen only in Nanbu area (North part of Iwate Prefecture).
In the projecting part, a horse stable is set.

There are some other buildings such as a water mill, a charcoal making lodge, visitor center with restaurant, etc.

In addition, you can experience traditional farming and the production of craft object.

Toono Furusato Village (Japanese website)

How to get here

Route bus is operated but it is operated every a few hours.
The closest stop is "Furusato-mura".
About 32 minutes from Toono station.

Rather, it is convenient to use a rental bicycle or car. (The running distance is about 12 km.)

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