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Kappa-buchi [カッパ淵]

Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Kappa may appear!
Kappa may appear!
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Kappa-buchi is a clean stream located 5 km northeast of Toono station.
It is just at the back of Jokenji temple.

"Kappa" is an imaginary funny specter in traditional Japanese folklore.

It lives in river.
It looks like a child, but it has a turtle shell like carapace on the back and has webbed hands and feet.

And it has a flat part without hair on the top of the head, and it is called "Sara" meaning "dish".
Sara is always wet, but Kappa is damaged if the sara gets dry.

Kappa suddenly appears in front of a person passing nearby and plays a prank on the person.

A shrine of Kappa-buchi
A shrine of Kappa-buchi
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

A statue of Kappa by the shrine in Kappa-buchi
A statue of Kappa by the shrine
Photo by photolibrary

It is said that many Kappas had lived around this stream.
And they appear in several folk stories in Toono.

So, there is a small shrine enshring Kappa near the stream.

Kappa is also a God of milk.
It is said that a lot of breast milk will be made if the mother who has a baby visits the shrine.

How to get here

Route buses are operated but they are operated every a few hours.
The closest stops are "Denshoen" or "Ashiaraigawa".
About 20-25 minutes from Toono station.

Rather, it is convenient to use a rental bicycle or car.

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