Tourist spot in Toono city

Gohyaku Rakan [五百羅漢]

One of Gohyaku Rakan
One of Gohyaku Rakan
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Gohyaku Rakan is located 2 km southwest of Toono station.

During the 18th century, Tohoku Region was often hit by famine.

So it is said that a priest Gizan of the temple in this city engraved icons of 500 saints (Rakan) on natural rocks to pray for the dead souls around 1765.

The rocks with icon are on the slope in the mountain.

Because more than 250 years have passed since the icons were created, many of them are covered with moss and are weathered by wind and water.
So, it is a little difficult to find the icons.

How to get here

It is located about 1.5 km from the bus office around Toono area.
So, all buses start from this office and visit Toono station.
You catch the bus for "Honsha-Eigyosho" (the bus office).
It takes 6 minutes.

Then, walk 1.5 km. (20-25 minutes)

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