Sakata city

Sakata city [酒田]

Sakata is the city located northwest of Yamagata Prefecture.

It faces the Sea of Japan, and is near the mouth of Mogami River.
The city has a port which is the main port in Yamagata Prefecture.

It is on the Shonai Plain, and a rice‐producing area is spread around the city.

In 1672, the westward route of cargo ship was opened.
The ship loaded with the rice harvested in this area started from Sakata, sailed to the western Japan along the coast of Sea of Japan, entered Seto Inland Sea, visited Osaka which was the largest commercial city, then reached Edo (current Tokyo) which was the biggest city.

Because Sakata was the embarkation port, it had developed rapidly.

Therefore some wealthy merchants, such as "Honma Family" and a warehouser "Abumiya", appeared in Sakata.

In this city, there are several spots related to them.

The central area of the city in not so wide, then we can visit most spots on foot or by rental bicycle.
JR Sakata station is to the east of the central area, and the port is to the west the area along Mogami River.

Sakata Tourism

How to get here

By Yamagata-Shinkansen, about 50 minutes from Yamagata to Shinjo.
Then by local train of JR Rikuu West Line, about 1 hour and 10 minutes from Shinjo to Sakata.

From Akita, by limited express of JR Uetsu Line, about 1 hours and 25 - 35 minutes.

From Shonai aitport, about 35 minutes by express bus.

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