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Tamasudare falls [玉簾の滝]

Tamasudare falls

Tamasudare falls

Tamasudare falls ("Tamasudare no taki" in Japanese) is a waterfall located about 20 km northeast of the center of Sakata city.

It is said that Kuukai (774-835), a great Japanese Buddhist monk and the founder of Koyasan, found this waterfall in accordance with an oracle of god in the early 9th century.

After that, this area became a place that the priests of Mountain Buddhism practice Buddhist asceticisms.
So, there is a Shinto shrine by the waterfall.

The height of the waterfall is 63 meters, and the width is about 5 meters.
It is the highest waterfall in Yamagata Prefecture.

Icefall of Tamasudare-no-taki
Icefall of Tamasudare-no-taki

Lighting up of Tamasudare-no-taki
Lighting up of Tamasudare-no-taki

From the middle of January to early February, it becomes the icefall.

In addition, it is lit up in the evening for about a week in the end of April and in the middle of August.

How to get here

It is the best way to use a rental car.
About 40 minutes from Sakata city.
The waterfall is about 500 meters from the parking.

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