Sakata city

Tsuruoka city [鶴岡]

Tsuruoka is the city located northwest of Yamagata Prefecture.
It is about 20 km south of Sakata city.

From the early 17th century to the 1870s, this city was the center of Shonai Domain of the feudal times.
Even now, the area including Tsuruoka city and Sakata city is called "Shonai area".

Lots of rice crops have been produced in Shonai area, and the economy of Shonai Domain was supported by rice production.

There are some spots related to Shonai Domain in the city.

In addition, there are Three sacred mountains of Dewa to the south of Tsuruoka city.
There has been ancient mountain worship in the mountains, and Tsuruoka is the entrance to there.

Tsuruoka Tourism Bureau

How to get here

From Sakata to Tsuruoka, by limited express on JR Uetsu Line, about 20 minutes.
By local train, about 35 minutes.

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