Shiroishi city

Shiroishi city [白石]

Shiroishi city is located at the south part of Miyagi Prefecture.
It is located right in the middle of Sendai city and Fukushima city, and the distance from Sendai is about 35 km.

This city has been on the important route through Tohoku Region since old times.
Therefore, a castle was built in this city, and Date Masamune, the strong warlord in Sendai, governed this area from the end of the 16th century.

Katakura Kojûrô (1557-1615) was a right-hand man of Date Masamune, and he was governed this city.
So, the name of "Kojûrô" is popular for the people in this city.

Shiroishi Castle
Shiroishi Castle

Shiroishi Uumen
Shiroishi Uumen
Photo by Miyagi Prefecture

In Shiroishi, there are "Three White Specialties".
They are Japanese paper, Kuzu (starch powder made from arrowroot) and Uumen.

Uumen is a Japanese noodle made from flour, and a noodle is thiner and shorter than common Udon noodle.
There are some restaurants serving Uumen.

Shiroishi Castle is a main tourist attraction, and Zao Fox Village on the mountainside to the northwest of Shiroishi city is also popular spot.

How to get here

By Tohoku-Shinkansen, get off at Shiroishi-Zao station.
14 minutes from Sendai, 12 minutes from Fukushima.
The trains stopping at this station are limited.
The distance between the station and the center of the city is about 2 km.

By JR Tohoku Line, get off at Shiroishi station.
About 50 minutes from Sendai, about 35 minutes from Fukushima.
The station is near the center of the city.

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