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Zao Fox Village [宮城蔵王キツネ村]

Foxes in Fox Village
Foxes in Fox Village

Many foxes
Many foxes

Zao Fox Village ("Kitsune-mura" in simpla Japanese) is a theme park of fox.
It is located about 10 km west-northwest of the center of Shiroishi city.

Six kinds of over 100 foxes are left loose in the site.
In addition, there are also rabbits, ponies and goats.

You can experience holding a baby fox in arms.
But it is held only between late April and early July, because the foxes are born in spring and become adult in summer.

A sleeping fox in Fox Village
A sleeping fox

Baby fox in arm
Baby fox in arm

This park was opened in 1990.
It was introduced by TV in the middle of the 2000s, then it has become known by the people who love cute animals.

After that, the info has been known globally on the Internet.
So it is said that about 10% of the visitors are foreign tourists.

This park is located at about 590 meters above sea level and on the mountainside of Zao mountains.
So it is covered with snow from late November to late March.
But it is basically opened every day except Wednesday.

Zao Fox Village (Japanese website)

How to get here

Only on Tuesday and Friday, the city bus is operated only once a day from JR Shiroishi station. (The fare is only 200 yen.)
The time table is the following.

Shiroishi station 7:58 - 8:43 Kitsume-mura
(Say to the driver "Kitsune-mura" when you get on the bus.)
Kitsume-mura 14:20 - 15:24 Shiroishi station

If you can't catch the bus, you must use a taxi or a rental car.

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