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Former Koseki samurai house [旧小関家武家屋敷]

Entrance of Bukeyashiki
Entrance of Bukeyashiki
Photo by Miyagi Prefecture

Living room and the other rooms
Living room and the other rooms
Photo by Miyagi Prefecture

Former Koseki samurai house is a house that Koseki Family lived in the 18th century.
In Japanese, this sightseeing spot is called simply Bukeyashiki (武家屋敷, Samurai house).

It is located about 300 meter north of Shiroishi Castle.

Koseki Family was a middle-class samurai, and it is like a middle-class public official in the present day.
But even samurai lived in a small and modest house.

There are only three rooms in the house.
They are the main room with tatami mats, a living room with wooden floor, and a storeroom.
And the kitchen is on an earthen floor.

There are some trees around the house, and a stream flows in front of the house.

In 1992, Koseki Family doneted this house to Shiroishi city and the city disassembled and repaired the house as a cultural property.
At that time, a wood with the year of 1730 written on it was found.
So, it became clear that this house was built about 290 years ago.

How to get here

About 5 minutes walk from Shiroishi Castle.

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