Oga Peninsula

Oga Peninsula [男鹿半島]

Statues of Namahage
Statues of Namahage
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Godzilla Rock
Godzilla Rock

Map around Oga Peninsula
Map around Oga Peninsula
1) Mt.Kanpu 2) Namahage Museum
3) Oga Shinzan Folklore Museum
4) Oga hot spring resort 5) Hachiboudai
6) Cape Nyudo 7) Oga Aqualium GAO
8) Godzilla Rock 9) Akagami Shrine

Oga Peninsula is the only peninsula which expands into the Sea of Japan from Akita Prefecture.
It is located about 30 km northwest of Akita city.

The west part of the peninsula was an island long time ago.
It had been connected to the mainland by the earth and sand carried by some rivers.

Along the west coast of the peninsula, there are steep cliffs.
And a few volcanic crater lakes are dotted in the northwest part of the peninsula.

There is Oga city on the center of south coast.
It is the central town in this peninsula.

Oga area is well-known for Namahage which is a unique traditional event on December 31.

Unmarried young men wear a mask of devil and a coat made from straws and hold papier-mache knives in their hands, then they visit door-to-door in this area.
They act wildly to punish bad children and make good children.

How to get here

By local train on JR Oga Line, it takes about an hour from Akita to Oga station.

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