Tourist spot in Oga Peninsula

Cape Nyudo [入道崎]

Photo by Akita Prefecture

Sunset at Nyudozaki
Sunset at Nyudozaki
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Cape Nyudo is the cape at the northwestern tip of Oga peninsula.
It is located about 5 km northwest of Oga hot spring resort.
In Japanese, it is "Nyudozaki", but both vowels are pronounced long, so it is read as Nyûdôzaki.

It is known for one of the spots of beautiful sunset viewing.

The coastline has steep cliffs about 30 meters high, but head of the cliffs is flat and a field of grass spreads out.

Monument of northern lattitude of 40 degrees
Monument of northern lattitude of 40 degrees
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Pleasure boat viewing the bottom of the sea
Pleasure boat viewing the bottom of the sea
Photo by Oganavi

Here is at just northern lattitude of 40 degrees, then there is a monument about it.

A lighthouse built in 1898 stands by it.
The height is about 28 meters.
You can enter inside of the lighthouse for a fee between April and mid-November.

From this cape, the pleasure boat starts for viewing the bottom of the sea around this cape.
It is a trip for about 30 minutes, and is operated from the end of April to October.

How to get here

By route bus, 52 minutes from Oga station to Yumoto-Chuzaisho terminal near Oga hot spring resort.

From there, the bus to Nyudozaki is operated. About 10 minutes.
But a reservation is required for the bus by an hour before the departure.
(Funakawa Taxi accepts the reservation.)

If you stay in any hotel or ryokan in Oga hot spring resort, the bus for seeing sunset is operated. (Fare: 1,000 yen)

Or, a share taxi visiting some sightseeing spots is operated from JR Oga station.
It is an idea to use it. (You need make a reservation.)

Namahage Shuttle

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