Tourist spot in Oga Peninsula

Oga hot spring resort [男鹿温泉郷]

A hotel in Oga hot spring resort
A hotel in Oga hot spring resort
Photo by Akita Prefecture

A bathroom in a hotel
A bathroom in a hotel
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Oga hot spring resort is a main hot spring resort in Oga peninsula.
It is in the northwest part of this peninsula, and is located about 13 km northwest of JR Oga station.

There are seven hotels and ryokans in this resort.

The hot spring had been known since ancient times, and it is said that the lord of Akita sometimes visited here and took a bath in the Edo period (the 17th to 19th centuries).

Around the 1960s, some hotels were opened and this area became a hot spring resort.

The hot water contains salt, so it is said that the hot spring has heat reserving effect and cosmetic effect in skin.

From April to November, when you stay in a hotel, you can buy a ticket that you visit your favorite hot spring bathes in other two hotels in this resort area.
(The fee is 1,000 yen.)

How to get here

By route bus, about 50 minutes from JR Oga station.

And, share taxi visiting some sightseeing spots is operated from JR Oga station.
It is an idea to use it. (You need make a reservation.)

Namahage Shuttle

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