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Yokote city [横手]

Kamakura in Yokote
Kamakura in Yokote
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Yokote Yakisoba
Yokote Yakisoba
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Yokote is an inland city located about 60 km southeast of Akita city.

Yokote has been a transportation hub of southern Akita area since old days.
Then a castle was put on here in the 16th century and Yokote had developed as castle town.

It is hot in summer, and is cold and snowy in winter.
So the winter event Kamakura is famous.

It is a hut made of snow, which is almost 3 meters in both diameter and height.
There are some children in each kamakura.
And they invite passersby inside and offer them hot amazake (sweet light sake).

This event has been held in Februaryfor over 400 years.

One more specialty is Yokote Yakisoba.

It is a common Japanese dish of noodle, but Yakisoba in Yokote is one of most popular foods that are delicious, inexpensive and provided in abundant amounts.

Chinese noodle, cabbage and minced pork are fried with Worcestershire sauce, then a sunny‐side up egg is topped on the noodle.
And Fukujinzuke, a mixed pickles, is added by the dish.

There are over 40 restaurant serving Yokote Yakisoba.
Every year, the championship of the Yokote Yakisoba restaurant is held.

Kamakura-kan (かまくら館)

Kamakura exhibition room in Kamakura-kan

Kamakura-kan is the community center of Yokote city, and there is the exhibition room of "Kamakura" on the fiest floor.

It is located 0.6 km northeast of JR Yokote station.
There is the City Hall of Yokote.

The room of Kamakura is keeping the temperature at 10 degrees Celsius below zero, and we can see a snow hut "Kamakura" at any time of year.

From Yokote station, about 10 minutes walk.

Yokote Castle (横手城)

Yokote Castle
Yokote Castle
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Yokote Castle and Kamakura
Yokote Castle and Kamakura
Photo by Akita Prefecture

Yokote Castle is located 1.5 km northeast of JR Yokote station.

It is in Yokote Park, and there are an observatory room and a museum in the castle tower.

The castle was built at the beginning of the 17th century.
The castle was a fort, but it had no castle tower.

After the World War II, this castle tower was built for a museum in 1965.
It is an imaginary castle tower modeled after Okazaki Castle in Aichi Prefecture.

Now it is a symbol of Yokote city, and there is a museum and an observatory in the castle tower.

By route bus, 13 minutes from Yokote station.
Get off at "Yokote Byoin Mae" stop.

How to get here

By Akita Shinkansen, get off at Oomagari station.
Then, transfer to the train on JR Oou Line.
By local train, about 20 minutes to Yokote.

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