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Seiganji gate [誓願寺山門]

Seiganji gate
Seiganji gate
Photo by Hirosaki City

Seiganji gate
Seiganji gate
Photo by Rettou-Homotsukan

Seiganji is a small temple located about 0.5 km west of Hirosaki Castle.

The original temple was founded in the eastern village in 1596, and it was moved to this place when Hirosaki Castle was constructed.

But, the temple caught fire several times.
So, main temple is not old because of the reconstruction.

Fortunately, only the gate Sanmon (山門) has escaped the fire.
The gate is designated as an important Cultural Property.

The gate is very unique in Japan.
The height is 6.9 meters, and the roof has a complicated shape.

It is colored and 12 kinds of animals of the Chinese zodiac are painted on the walls.

Japanese temple has decorative wooden boards used to cover the ridge ends on a roof gable.

Generally, there is only one board roof gable, but this gate has three roof gables.
So two kinds of decorative wooden boards are set up, and they are the curvings of crane and tortoise.
(In Japan, the pair of crane and tortoise is a symbol of long life.)

How to get here

By route bus, get off at "Kougyo-koko-mae" stop.
About 15 minutes from JR Hirosaki station.
Then about 700 meters walk from the bus stop.

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