Tourist spot in Hirosaki city

Outemon Square [追手門広場]

Outemon gate
Outemon gate
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Illimination event in winter
Illimination event in winter
Photo by Hirosaki city

Outemon Square is a square near the Outemon gate located at the south edge of Hirosaki Castle.

In a block about 150 meters square, there are a tourist information center and a few sightseeing spots.

And flea markets and various events are sometimes held in the space of the block.

Hirosaki Municipal Tourist Center
(1) Hirosaki Municipal Tourist Center
Photo by Aomori Prefecture

Former Touo-Gijuku Missionary Residence
(2) Former Touo-Gijuku Missionary Residence
Photo by Hirosaki City

  • (1) Hirosaki Municipal Tourist Center (市立観光館)

    It is the tourist information center, and is located at the entrance of this square.

    Many products in Hirosaki are introduced, and Neputa used in the popular festival is displayed.
    And, you can get various information for Hiroasaki.

    Additionally, you can rent a bicycle and rent a pair of boots to walk on snow in winter.

  • (2) Former Touo-Gijuku Missionary Residence (旧東奥義塾外人教師館)

    It is the former residence built in 1901.
    The buiding was for the missionaries to teach at the first Aomori Prefecture's private high school, Touo-Gijuku.

    It is open to the public and there is a cafe at the first floor.

Former Hirosaki City Library
(3) Former Hirosaki City Library
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Miniture old buildings
(4) Miniture old buildings
Photo by Aomori Prefecture

  • (3) Former Hirosaki City Library (旧弘前市立図書館)

    It is the buiding built in 1906 and was used as a library until 1931.
    It features two octagon Renaissance-style towers with red roof.

    Now, it is open to the public as a museum about this building.

  • (4) Miniture old buildings (ミニチュア建造物)

    It is the town of miniture buildings.
    There are several model buildings on a scale of one to ten.

    The models are the buildings built in Hirosaki city between the late 19th century and the early 20th century.

How to get here

By route bus, get off at "Shiyakusho-mae" stop.
About 15 minutes from JR Hirosaki station.

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