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Shikemichi [四間道]

Photo by Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

Old house in Shikemichi
Old house in Shikemichi
Photo by Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

Map of Shikemichi

Shikemichi is a historic street located about 1 km east of Nagoya station and about 1.4 km southwest of Nagoya Castle.

When Nagoya Castle was built in 1610, Horikawa canal was constructed for carrying construction material.

The canal flows from the western moat of the castle through the city of Nagoya to the south.
It flew into Ise Bay around Atsuta Shrine.
(At that time, the place was the coast facing the sea.)

Along Horikawa, many merchant houses and warehouses were built and the town of the merchant was formed.
This was the origin of the city of Nagoya.

But, in 1700, there was a big fire in the town and about 1,600 buildings were destroyed by fire.

Old wearhouse in Shikemichi
Old wearhouse in Shikemichi
Photo by Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

Old house with shrine on the roof in Shikemichi
Old house with shrine on the roof
Photo by Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

After that, the Lord of Nagoya Castle ordered to reconstruct the town and extend the width of the road for preventing the spread of fire.
The width was 4 ken (about 7.2 meters) in old Japanese unit of length.

"4 ken" was read as "Shi-ken" and "Michi" means "road".
It is thought that "Shiken-michi" became "Shikemichi".

And the warehouses were built with thick earth walls for fireproof.

In the World War II, most areas in Nagoya city had been destroyed by US air raids.
But, fortunately, only this area escaped the destruction.

So there are many old houses and wearhouses along Shikemichi.
Especially, Ito Residence is the oldest house built in 1722.

It is very unique that a small shrine is set on the roof of the house.
Such house is seen only in this region, and it isn't in Tokyo and Kyoto.

Endoji shopping arcade
Endoji shopping arcade
Photo by Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

Konpira Shine by Endoji Street
Konpira Shine by Endoji Street
Photo by Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau

This are was designated a preservation district of Nagoya city.

But this area hadn't interesed the tourists so much.
And Endoji shopping arcade (円頓寺商店街) connecting to Shikemichi had been also deserted since 1970s.

From 2009, some unique shops and cafes were openen using old houses.
The streets are not crowded, but the visitors are increasing gradually.

For 5 days in the end of July, Tanabata Festival is held in Endoji shopping arcade, but very many people visit there.

And on Saturaday and Sunday in the middle of November, Festival de Paris is held.
This festival is also very popular.

Shikemichi is about 300 meters long and there is small Sengen Shrine at the south end of the street.
Ito Residence is located around the middle of the street.

Endoji shopping arcade connects at the north end of Shikemichi.
It is about 200 meters and runs from east to west.

There is Endonji temple on the north side of the street.
This temple was founded in 1654, but was destroyed by the air raid.
It was rebuilt in 1953.

The formal name is "Endonji", but the street name became "Endoji" to call easily.

How to get here

The nearest stations of subway are Kokusai-Center (S03 Sakuradori Line).
Then, About 300 meter walk.

Or, about 1 km walk from Nagoya station.

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