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Trappistine Convent [トラピスチヌ修道院]

Trappistine Convent
Trappistine Convent
Photo by Hakodate city

Trappistine Convent in spring
Trappistine Convent in spring
Photo by Hakodate city

Trappistine Convent (is also translated as Trappistine Monastery) is a Cistercian one for the Sisters.
It is located about 9 km east of central Hakodate city.
And it is located about 2.5 km northeast of Yunokawa Onsen.

This convent was established by 8 nuns from France in 1898.
But, it was destroyed by fire in 1925, then current one is rebuilt in 1927.

Statue of Virgin Mary in Trappistine Convent
Statue of Virgin Mary

Imitation of Holy spring at Lourdes
Imitation of Holy spring at Lourdes

There are about 60 nuns in the convent now.

We can tour only the forecourt and museum.
At the shop for visitors, we get the tasty cookies "Madalena (Madeleine)", butter candies and rosaries made by the nuns.

Of course, you should walk around the convent quietly.

Our Lady of the Angels Trappistine Abbey of the Order of Cistercians

How to get here

By "Goryokaku-Tower Trappistine Shuttle Bus", about 40 minutes from Hakodate station to Goryokaku-Tower.
It is operated every 30 minutes from April to October, every 1 hour from November to March.

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