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Otamoi coast & Blue Cave [オタモイ海岸、青の洞窟]

Otamoi coast
Otamoi coast

Window rock of Otamoi coast
Window rock of Otamoi coast

Otamoi coast is located to the west of the cape with Nishin Goten and Otaru Aquarium.

The length is about 9 km, and there are many cliffs and strange rocks along the coastline.
The scenic area is a part of Niseko-Shakotan Quasi-National Park.

Main spots of the coastline are "Akaiwa coast" (the cliff 300 meters high) and "Madoiwa" (Window rock).

Gate of ruin on Otamoi coast
Gate of ruin on Otamoi coast

Blue Cave of Otamoi coast
Blue Cave of Otamoi coast

And you can see a gate of ruin on the cliff.
An amusement park was constructed in the early 20th century, but was destroyed by fire in 1952.
Only a few structures remain now.
It is a unique scenery.

Near the west end of the coast, there is Blue Cave.
It is similar to famous Blue Grotto of Capri island in Italy.
Because of clear water, the color of sea inside the cave is beautiful.

A cruise ship is operated from Otaru Port.

Otaru Bay Cruises official website

For the cruise of Blue Cave, another company operates the cruise ship.
It also starts from Otaru Port.

Hokuo Sangyo official website (Japanese site)

How to get here

Use above cruising tours.

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