Tourist spot in Otaru city

Ungakan (Otaru Museum Annex) [運河館]

Ungakan (right), Unga Plaza (left)
Ungakan (right), Unga Plaza (left)
Photo by Otaru city

Entrance of Ungakan
Entrance of Ungakan

Ungakan is the museum introducing the history and nature of Otaru.
It is located near Otaru Canal, and is just next to "Unga Plaza" tourist information center.

The building was originally a warehouse built in 1893.

Until the 16th century, Ainu people had been living in this area.
After that, Japanese people developed this place as a harbor.

This museum displays many materials of the period.

In addition, there is Otaru-shi General Museum about 1.3 km north of this museum.
It is the main museum of Ungakan and introduces the transportation of Otaru.

How to get here

About 0.8 km walk from JR Otaru station.

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