Tourist spot in Otaru city

Sakaimachi street [堺町通り]

Sakaimachi Street in winter
Sakaimachi Street in winter
Photo by Otaru city

A street corner of Sakaimachi
A street corner of Sakaimachi
Photo by Otaru city

Sakaimachi street is a popular shopping street in Otaru.

The north entrance is just at the east of Bank of Japan Otaru Museum.
And it is located around the south end of Otaru Canal.

The length of the street is about 900 meters.

A glassware shop built in 1906
A glassware shop built in 1906,
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An orgel shop built in 1887
An orgel shop built in 1887,
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Along the street, there are various shops, cafes and restaurants.
Some of them are in the historic buildings.

The most attracting place is the buidings of Kitaichi Glass Co.,Ltd.
It is a company producing glassware, and there are a few buildings of art museum and shop.

Meruhen Intersection
Meruhen Intersection
Photo by Otaru city

Steam clock of Orgel Doh Meruhen Intersection
Steam clock of Orgel Doh

The south entrance is a five-street intersection, and it is called Meruhen-Kôsaten.
"Meruhen" is a German word "Märchen" and means "fairy tale". "Kôsaten" means "intersection".
Formally, this intersection is "Sakaimachi Intersection".

There is a retro allnight street lamp in the center of the intersection.

In front of the intersection, there is an orgel shop (Orgel Doh Co.,Ltd.) in the old building built in 1912, and the steam clock in front of the shop is popular.
It plays a five-tone melody every 15 minutes.

Sakaimachidori official website Orgel Doh official website

How to get here

About 0.9 km walk from JR Otaru station.
Or, 13 minutes by "Otaru Sansaku Bus" (Otaru Stroller's Bus) from JR Otaru station.

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