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Mount Daisen [大山]

Mount Daisen in spring
Mount Daisen in spring

Mount Daisen in winter
Mount Daisen in winter

Daisen is a mountain located about 20 km east-southeast of Yonago city.

It is a large volcano, and the last eruption was about 10,000 years ago.

The body of the mountain extends about 40 km from east to west and about 35 km from north to south.

The mountain has several peaks.
The highest peak is Kengamine (1,729 m), but the route to Kengamine is closed.

Misen peak (1,709 m) is located about 500 meters west of Kengamine, and it is the main top for climbers.

Daisen is the highest mountain in Chugoku District, so it is seen in Tottori, Shimane, Okayama and eastern Hiroshima prefectures.

This mountain is a conical volcano
Especially, it looks like Mount Fuji in the west side of the mountain.

So, it is sometimes called "Hôki-Fuji" or "Izumo-Fuji".
("Hôki" is the old name of western Tottori Prefecture, and "Izumo" is the old name of eastern Shimane Prefecture.)

There are many camp sites and some ski slopes on the broad foot of the mountain.

Since ancient times, Daisen has been worshipped as a god.
So there are Shinto shrine and Buddhist temple around the mountain.

Mt.Daisen Tourism Guide

Daisenji temple (大山寺)

Approach to Daisenji
Approach to Daisenji
Photo : ©Tottori Pref.

Main temple of Daisenji
Main temple of Daisenji
Photo : ©Tottori Pref.

Daisenji is a temple of Tendai Buddhism which was introduced to Japan from China.

It is on the north foot of Daisen.
It is located about 3 km north of Misen peak, and about 20 km east of the center of Yonago city.

It is said that this temple was founded in 718.

In the 9th century, it became the temple of Tendai school.
The chief priests had been sent from Enryakuji temple on Hieizan, and they got the promotion after returning from Daisenji to Enryakuji.

In the middle ages, Daisenji was highly respected by powerful warlords and developed.

The temple site is in a valley formed by Sada River.
There are some buildings in the temple grounds.

There is an approach about 600 meters to the main temple, and many shops and hotels around the approach.

The main temple was rebuilt in 1951, after destruction by fire.

Amidado in Daisenji

Amida Buddha in Amidado

On the other side of the river, there is Amidado temple 阿弥陀堂.
It was built in 1552, and is designated as an important cultural property.

Ôgamiyama Shrine (大神山神社)

Approach to Ogamiyama Shrine
Approach to Ogamiyama Shrine
Photo : ©Tottori Pref.

Main shrine of Ogamiyama Shrine
Main shrine of Ogamiyama Shrine
Photo : ©Tottori Pref.

Ôgamiyama Shrine is an old Shinto shrine, and is located about 0.3 km southeast of Daisenji.

It is unknown when this shrine was founded.
But the main shrine was built in 1701.

This area has a heavy snow in winter.
It was difficult to visit here in winter, so the main shrine was moved to the place near Yonago city later.

This original shrine is called "Okumiya", and main buildings are designated as nationally important cultural properties.

How to get here

By route bus, about 54 minutes from Yonago station to Daisenji.

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