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Yatsugatake mountains [八ヶ岳]



Yatsugatake is a group of mountains located on the prefectural border between Yanamashi and Nagano.

On Yamanashi side, it is located at the northwestern end of the central basin.
And on Nagano side, it is located to the east of Lake Suwa.

The mountains spread about 30 km long from north to south.
The mountains have more than 20 peaks, and they are 2,300 to 2,900 meters high.

The highest peak is Mount Akadake (2,899 m).

"Yatsugatake" is the group name of these peaks, so there is not the mountain named as Yatsugatake in these peaks.

Yatsugatake is a volcano, but the last eruption caused before recorded history.

The north part of Yatsugatake has gently sloping mountains, and some small lakes are dotted.

The south part has precipitous mountains, so there are several rock-climbing spots.

Akadake of Yatsugatake
Akadake of Yatsugatake

Yatsugatake from Tateshina
Yatsugatake from Tateshina

The following story is in ancient mythology.

Yatsugatake compared heights with Mount Fuji.
And Yatsgatake won.

But Mount Fuji gave a kick at Yatsugatake.
Then, Yatsugatake had broken into many mountains.
So Mount Fuji became the highest mountain.

Yatsugatake's sister, Mount Tateshina (the northernmost peak, 2,530 m), wept at his broken figure.

Later, her tears created Lake Suwa.

On its extensive foot, there are some popular resorts on the highland.

Especially, Kiyosato on the Yamanashi side and Tateshina on the Nagano side are popular.

How to get here

The main sections of railway are between Kobuchizawa and Kamisuwa of JR Chuo Line.
And, JR Koumi Line between Kobuchizawa and Komoro is OK.

To Kobuchizawa, about 2 hours from Shinjuku by JR limited express.

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