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Tokeiji temple [東慶寺]

Main gate of Tokeiji
Main gate of Tokeiji
Tokeiji, Photo by nyanchew

Main hall of Tokeiji
Main hall of Tokeiji

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Tokeiji is a Buddhist temple located about 300 meters south of JR Kita-Kamakura station.
The vowel "o" in the word is pronounced long, so it is read as "Tôkeiji" in Japanese.

When Hojo Tokimune, the 8th regent of Kamakura govenment, died in 1284, it is said that this temple was founded by Hojo Sadatoki, the 9th regent, next year.

The widow of Tokimune became the first chief nun.
Since that, this temple had been a nunnery.

Tokeiji was famous as a "divorce temple".

If a wife who wants to divorce enters this temple and stays in this temple for 2 to 3 years, there was the rule that she can formally obtain a divorce from her husband.

The rule of divorce temple was abolished in 1870 after the end of feudalism.
In the remaining documents in this temple, it is recorded that over 400 women came to this temple for divorce.

A garden in Tokeiji
A garden in Tokeiji
Tokeiji, Photo by nyanchew

Main gate of Tokeiji
Tokeiji (Kita-Kamakura) June
Photo by Ryosuke Yagi

This temple became a commom temple in 1903, because the last nun died.

Tokeiji is known for the flowers and blossoms.
Especially, ume (Japanese apricot) blossoms in February and cherry blossoms from the end of March to early April are popular.

The buildings in the temple are relatively new.
There are two Japanese tea houses and they are often used for tea party.

Matsugaoka Museum houses the various objects about Tokeiji.
Not only some Buddha statues but also the old documents about divorce are seen.

How to get here

About 300 meters walk from JR Kita-Kamakura station.

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