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Zeniarai-Benten [銭洗弁天]

Entrance of Zeniarai-Benten
Entrance of Zeniarai-Benten

Exit of the tunnel of Zeniarai-Benten
Exit of the tunnel of Zeniarai-Benten

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Zeniarai-Benten is a shrine in a basin surrounded by steep cliffs.
It is located about 1.2 km northwest of JR Kamakura station.

The formal name is Zeniarai Benzaiten Ugafuku Shrine (銭洗弁財天宇賀福神社).
Because it is very long, it is often called as Zeniarai-Benzaiten or Zeniarai-Benten.

Minamoto Yoritomo was the founder of Kamakura government.
In 1185, he saw a sacred spring in his dream.
Soon, he found the spring at this place.

He made a cave on the side of a cliff and enshrined Ugajin God.

In 1257, Hojo Tokiyori, the 5th regent of Kamakura government, washed the coins in the spring to pray for the prosperity of his family.

"Zeniarai" means "washing money".
Therefore, it is believed that your money will be doubled by washing them with the water springing in the shrine.

Main shrine of Zeniarai-Benten
Main shrine of Zeniarai-Benten

Washing the money
Washing the money

There is a small tunnel at the entrance of this shrine.
You must pass through the tunnel first.

The sacred site is surrounded by cliffs and the main shrine is in a cave.
There is a spring in the cave.
The visitors worship the shrine and wash their money there.

Some lucky charms are sold in the site.
Especially, the charm of eggplant is popular.

Eggplant is "nasu" in Japanese.
The pronunciation is the same as a Japanese verb meaning "make a fortune, achieve a great thing".

How to get here

About 1.4 km walk from JR Kamakura station.

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