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Tokyo Samurai Kembu [東京サムライ剣舞]

Tokyo Samurai Kembu is a workshop for learning the performance of Samurai.
It is located about 650 meters east of north edge of Ginza.

"Kembu" is a dance peroformance of Samurai using Japanese sword and fan in time to recitation of a Chinese poem.

It is said that samurais in the middle of the 19th century created this performance for their own mental concentration to encourage the fighting spirit.

The school of "Seiga-ryu" was established in 1965, and the main workshop was set up in Kyoto in 2014.
This is the branch workshop set up in 2017.

You must join a lesson.
"Full Lesson" takes 1.5 hours and "Light Lesson" takes 1 hour.

You learn first how to use a Japanese sword.
And you learn how to wear the cloth of Samurai.
In full lesson, you learn the manner of Samurai.

To join the lesson, you must make a reservation and payment.

Tokyo Samurai Kembu

How to get here

  • Nearest stations of subway.
    Hatchobori (H12 Hibiya Line)
    Shintomicho (Y20 Yurakucho Line)

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