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National Diet Building [国会議事堂]

National Diet Building

A chamber in National Diet Building

National Diet Building ("Kokkai-gijidô" in Japanese) is the place where the session of national assembly is held.
It is located to the southwest of Kokyo.

The nearest JR station is Yurakucho, and it is located about 1.5 km east of this site.
But there are some subway stations around this site.

The National Diet of Japan is bicameral legislature.

It is composed of the House of Representatives (a lower house, "Shûgi-in" [衆議院] in Japanese) and the House of Councillors (an upper house, "Sangi-in" [参議院] in Japanese).

The House of Representatives is in your left wing of the building, and the House of Councillors is in your right wing.

This building was built in 1936.

The central tower is about 65 meters high, and both wings are about 21 meters high.
The width is about 206 meters.

Corridor to a chamber in National Diet Building

One of the exhibitions at the entrance of National Diet Building

We can tour both the wings of the House of Representatives and the House of Councillors.
But they are separate tours.

On weekday, the one-hour guided tours are held every hour.
On the other day, only the guided tour of the House of Representatives is held.

The entrances of both tours are at the back of National Diet Building (western side).
At the entrance of the House of Councillors, there is a small museum of National Diet Building.

If you don't join the tour, you cannot enter the site.

Tour of House of Representatives Tour of House of House of Councillors

How to get here

  • Nearest stations of subway.
    Kokkaigijido-mae (M14 Marunouchi Line, C07 Chiyoda Line)
    Tameike-Sanno (G06 Ginza Line, N06 Nanboku Line)
    Nagatacho (Y16 Yurakucho Line, Z04 Hanzomon Line, N07 Nanboku Line)
    Sakuradamon (Y17 Yurakucho Line)

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