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Osaki-Hachiman shrine [大崎八幡宮]

Torii gate at entrance of Osaki-Hachiman shrine
Torii gate of Osaki-Hachiman shrine

Osaki-Hachiman shrine
Osaki-Hachiman shrine
Photo by Miyagi Prefecture

Osaki-Hachiman shrine ("Ôsaki-Hachimangû in Japanese) is a Shinto shrine located about 3.5 km west-northwest of Sendai station.

According to the history of this shrine, it was established around the 9th century and the shrine was built in the northern part of Miyagi Prefecture.
Then Date Masamune moved the shrine to this place in 1607.

The main shrines are the original buildings built in 1607.
They are designated as national treasures.

The buildings are gorgeous.
Various parts are lacquered in black and are decorated with carvings and gold ornaments.

Main shrine of Osaki-Hachimangu
Main shrine of Osaki-Hachimangu
Photo by Miyagi Prefecture

Matsutaki Festival of Osaki-Hachimangu
Matsutaki Festival of Osaki-Hachimangu
Photo by Miyagi Prefecture

Matsutaki Festival (松焚祭) is the most popular festival of this shrine.
It is held on January 14 every year.

The decorations for the New Year celebration brought from the citizens are burned like bonfire.
And many believers walk naked on the burning ground and worship the bonfire.

How to get here

By route bus, get off at "Osaki-Hachimangu" stop.
About 20 minutes from Sendai station.

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