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Sendai City Museum [仙台市博物館]

Sendai City Museum
Sendai City Museum
Photo by Mitagi Prefecture

Sendai City Museum is a museum located about 2.5 km west of Sendai station, and is on the northern foot of the hill of Sendai castle.

The museum was opened in 1961.
The renovation work was conducted from 2021, and it reopened in April 2024.

Mainly the history of Sendai is introduced.

Especially, you shouldn't miss the historical materials which the delegacy sent by Date Masamune (1567-1636, the first lord of Sendai Domain) brought back to Japan from Europe.

The delegacy left Japan in 1613, visited Spain and Rome, then returned to Japan in 1620.

As the important documents, "Title of Roman Noble and Roman Citizenship", the portrait of Pope Paul V (Papacy: 1605-1621), etc. are exhibited.

In addition, a black armor used by Date Masamune is exhibited.
It is said that the costume of "Darth Vader" in a popular movie "Star Wars" was based on the armor.

How to get here

By City loop bus "LOOPLE", get off at "Hakubutsukan, Kokusai-Center mae" stop.

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