Morioka city

Morioka city [盛岡]

Morioka city is the capital of Iwate Prefecture.
It is located nearly in the center of the prefecture.

It has a population of 294 thousand people.

Since the 9th century, here has been a central town in this area.
Especially, since 17th century, Nanbu clan had ruled this area after building the Morioka Castle, then Morioka had developed.

Morioka is the important place for travel in Iwate Prefecture.

Tohoku Shinkansen runs through this city, and Akita Shinkansen branches off from here.
And local lines to the eastern and western area of Iwate prefecture start from here.

Mt.Iwate and Kitakami River in Morioka
Mt.Iwate & Kitakami River in Morioka
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Morioka is known for three kind of noodles; Wanko-soba, Reimen and Jajamen.
You can find the restaurants of such noodles in this city easily.

Morioka has the major festivals.

Morioka Sansa Dance Festival is held around central Moriokai city from August 1st to 4th.
And Chagu-chagu Umako, the parade of horses for agriculture from Takizawa village, is held at the 2nd Saturday in June.

When you visit some sightseeing spots of Morioka city, the loop bus Denden Mushi is convenient.

It is operated frequently and visit main sightseeing spots.
The fare is only 100 yen.

Denden Mushi (pdf)

There is a tall building MALIOS in front of the west exit of JR Morioka station.

The free observatory room is located on the 20th floor.
It is the good place to view the city of Morioka.


How to get here

By Tohoku-Shinkansen, from Tokyo, it takes about 2 hours and 20 to 50 minutes.

After arriving at Iwate-Hanamaki airport by airplane, about 50 minutes by route bus.

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