Tourist spot in Morioka city

Iwate Park (Morioka Castle Ruins) [岩手公園 (盛岡城跡公園)]

Iwate Park in spring
Iwate Park in spring
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Park in autumn
Iwate Park in autumn
Photo by Iwate Prefecture

Iwate Park is located about 1 km east of JR Morioka station.

Originally, here was the site of Morioka Castle.
So, another name ofthis park is Morioka Jôato Kôen meaning the park of Morioka Castle Ruins.

The construction of the castle started in 1598 and completed in 1633.
Then it became the center of Morioka city.

But all buildings were broken away in 1874 because of completing its role as a feudal government.

The size of the area is about 300 meters north to south, and about 200 meters east to west.
Now, only the stonewalls of the castle remain in this park.

In this park, there are about 200 cherry trees.
From the end of April to early May, here is the nice cherry-blossom viewing spot.

How to get here

By loop bus "Denden Mushi", get off at "Morioka Joato Koen" stop.
6 minutes from Morioka station.

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