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Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park [東藻琴芝桜公園]

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park 1

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park 2

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park is a flower park in Higashi-mokoto district located about 25 km south of central Abashiri.

"Shibazakura" is a Japanese word meaning "moss phlox".
It is a beautiful pink flower.

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park 3

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park 4

Colorful shibazakura flowers cover the 10 hectares of hilly park.
The season of the flower is from the middle of May to early June.

Sightseeing car is operated in the park.
And a go-karts course for family is set up in the park.

Shibazakura Festival is held from May 3 to early June every year, and various events are held in the park.

Higashimokoto Shibazakura Park

How to get here

By route bus for Higashimokoto, 45 minutes from Abashiri station to Higashimokoto terminal.
There is no public transportation from the terminal to the park, so you must use taxi. (The distance to the park is about 7 km.)
But shuttle bus is operated from the middle of May to late May.

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