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Sofukuji temple [崇福寺]

Sanmon of Sofukuji
Sanmon of Sofukuji
Photo by Rettou Houmotsukan

Daiippomon of Sofukuji
Daiippomon of Sofukuji
Photo by Rettou Houmotsukan

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Sofukuji is a Buddhist temple of Obaku Zen sect.
"O" in the word is pronounced long, so it is read as "Sôfukiji".

It is located about 0.7 km southeast of Megane Bridge and about 2 km southeast of Nagasaki station.

Around the 17th century, thousands of Chinese people had lived in Nagasaki.

Many of them came from Fujian Province in the southeast part of China, and they had created a community.

In 1629, Chinese monk Chaonian was invited by them, and he founded this temple as the family temple of the Chinese people.

So the the buildings are in the Chinese style.

The entrance gate Sanmon (三門) was built in 1849.
It is quite a Chinese construction.

There is a short approach after passing Sanmon, and we reach the main temple ground.

Daiippômon (第一峰門) is the gate to the precinct.

It was built in 1644, and was rebuilt using the woods from China in 1696.
It is designated as a national treasure.

This gate had originally been the main gate of this temple.

On the red door of Daiippoumon, blue bats and peony are painted.
Bat is a lucky animal in China.

Under the roof, elaborate decoration arts are set up.

Detail of Daiippomon in Sofukuji
Detail of Daiippomon
Photo: Kyushu Tourism Promotion Organization

Dayuhoden of Sofukuji
Dayuhoden of Sofukuji
Photo by Rettou Houmotsukan

Daiyûhôden (大雄宝殿) is the main hall of this temple.

It was also built using the woods from Chinain 1646.

This temple has a sitting statue of Buddha.

When the statue was repaired in 1935, the replicas of internal organs made of silver were found in the body.
That presents "live Buddha".
But it is said that such statue is very rare in Japan.

How to get here

By street car with route No. 1 and 4, get off at Sofukuji terminal stop.

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