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Fushimi Sake Village [伏水酒蔵小路]

Fushimi Sake Village ("Fushimi Sakagura Kôji" in Japanese) is a facility like a theme park of Sake (Japanese rice wine) in Fushimi.

It is located about 400 meters west of Fushimi-Momoyama station of Keihan Railway and Momoyama-Goryo-mae station of Kintetsu Railway, and is in the district that Japanese sake breweries are dotted.

It is also located about 800 meters west of Gokonomiya shrine.

Fushimi district has created good quality water.
Even above Gokonomiya shrine is associated with the good water.

Therefore, this dictrict has been prosperous in sake brewing since old times.

Fushimi has been one of the major places of Japan's sake brewing.
More than 20 large and small breweries are dotted within about 1.5 km in this district.

This facility is basically a village of food stalls that you can drink Sake of Fushimi.
It has eight stalls serving various foods stalls on a floor.

There is a Sake Counter in the corner of the floor.
You can drink over 120 brands of sake produced in 17 brewers in Fushimi district.

When you enjoy drinking the sake at Sake Counter, you can have favorite foods delivered from the food stalls.

Fushimi Sake Village

How to get here

The nearest stations are Fushimi-Momoyama of Keihan Railway, and Momoyama-goryo-mae of Kintetsu Railway.
From each station, about 500 meters walk.
From Gokonomiya shrine, about 800 meters walk.

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