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The Museum of Kyoto [京都文化博物館]

The Museum of Kyoto

The annex of the Museum of Kyoto
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The Museum of Kyoto is a museum introducing the history and culture of Kyoto.
In Japanese, it is called "Kyoto Bunka Hakubutukan".

It is located about 0.3 km southeast of Karasuma-Oike intersection, and about 2.5 km north of Kyoto station.

Originally, it was a private museum of cultural foundation, and was opened in the building of former Kyoto branch of Bank of Japan in 1968.

The museum was transferred to Kyoto Prefecture in 1988.

Then, new building for the museum was built next to the old museum.

The building of former Kyoto branch of Bank of Japan has been designated as a important cultural property, and it is used as the annex of the current museum.

Exhibition room in the Museum of Kyoto

In a shop of the Museum of Kyoto

In the museum, various articles about culture, industry, lifestyle of Kyoto from ancient times to modern age are displayed.

Also the artistic handicrafts in Kyoto are introduced.

In the first floor, there is a shopping area modeled after an old Kyoto town.

The Museum of Kyoto

How to get here

The nearest station of subway is Karasuma-Oike (K08 Karasuma Line, T13 Tozai Line).

About 300 meters walk from the station.

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