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Maruyama Park [円山公園]

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Maruyama Park is located in the center of Higashiyama area.

There is Yasaka Shrine to the west, and there is Chion-in temple to the north.

The site was originally a part of the Yasaka Shrine.

In 1886, Meiji Government built the park, and Kyoto city has managed this park since 1889.

It is about 8.6 hectares in area.

There are gentle hills, and ponds and streams are set up in this site.
So it looks like a Japanese garden.
There are some cafes and restaurants.

Colored leaves in Maruyama Park
Colored leaves in Maruyama Park
Photo by Kyoto Free Photo

Weeping cherry of Gion in Maruyama Park
Weeping cherry of Gion

Various flowers and trees are in this park.

Most popular tree in this park is Weeping cherry of Gion.

Original weeping cherry tree was about 200 years old, but it was dead in 1947.

In 1928 before its death, seeds of the original cherry were harvested.
Then they were grown in a farm.

And the successor of original weeping cherry tree was planted in 1949.

It is already over 80 years old now, but it blooms gloriously with many blossoms every spring.

How to get here

About 200 meters walk from Yasaka Shrine.

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