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Kiyosu Castle [清洲城]

Kiyosu Castle
Kiyosu Castle

Kiyosu Castle in spring
Kiyosu Castle in spring

Kiyosu Castle ("Kiyosujô" in Japanese) is located about 6 km northwest of Nagoya station, and is in Kiyosu city.

The castle was built in 1405.

Kiyosu is located in the center of the basin, and Oda Family entered this castle and became the lord of this region in the late 15th century.

Oda Nobunaga (1534-1582) also became the lord of this castle.
He was strong, and expanded his territory by beating the lords around this area.

His base place was basically Kiyosu Castle, and the castle town had formed around the castle.

Nobunaga became the top warlord in Japan, but he was assassinated in 1582.
After that, Toyotomi Hideyoshi of his retainer took power.
But finally, Tokugawa Ieyasu (1543-1616) took power and established Edo Government in 1603.

Ieyasu built Nagoya Castle to govern this area about 7 km southeast of Kiyosu Castle.
Kiyosu sometimes suffered from floods, so he selected the place on a hill.

Kiyosu castle and the surrounding castle town were moved to Nagoya from 1610 to 1613.
To build Nagoya Castle, the materials of Kiyosu Castle were also used.
After that, Kiyosu Castle was abandoned.

In this way, current Nagoya city was born.

Stone garden around the entrance of Kiyosu Castle
Stone garden in front of Kiyosu Castle

The site of Kiyosu Castle
The site of Kiyosu Castle

The current Kiyosu Castle tower was rebuilt as a museum in 1989.

But there has been few detailed records of the original castle, so the building facade was created by imitating the design of the castle in those days.

In addition, there are a stone garden and a dry-landscape garden around the castle tower.

Museum in the castle

The scene of Nobunaga's dance before battle in Kiyosu Castle

There is the museum in the castle.
There are the exhibitions about history of Kiyosu and Nobunaga.
And the top floor is the observation deck.

How to get here

By local train of JR Tokaido Line, 7 minutes from Nagoya to Kiyosu.
Then, about 1.5 km walk (20 to 25 minutes).

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