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Toro Ruins [登呂遺跡]

Toro Ruins
Toro Ruins

Restored house in Toro Ruins
Restored house in Toro Ruins

Toro Ruins ("Toro Iseki" in Japanese) is the ruin of a village around the 1st century (Yayoi Period).
It is located about 2.5 km southeast of JR Shizuoka station.

Yayoi Period was from the 10th century BC to the 3rd century AD in Japan.
The period was before the formation of the nation and agricultural culture was firmly established in this period.

This ruin was found when a munition factory was being built in 1943.
The site is about 400 meters from north to south and about 150 meters from east to west.

The research was conducted in 1947 after World War II, and the ruins of 12 houses, 2 warehouses, a well and rice field were found.

And, many earthenware vessels and wooden farming tools were excavated from this ruin.

Restored raised-floor storehouse in Toro Ruins
Restored raised-floor storehouse

Excavated tools in the museum
Excavated tools in the museum

Now this site is open to the public as a park of the ruin.
And the houses and rice fields have been restored.

In addition, there is the museum introducing this ruin in the site.

How to get here

By route bus for Toro-iseki, about 12 minutes from Shizuoka station.

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