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Ganmon cave [巌門]


Cave of Ganmon
Cave of Ganmon

Map of Noto Peninsula

Ganmon is a sea cave on the western coast of Noto Peninsula.
It is located about 20 km west of Wakura Onsen town.

Cliffs, gigantic stones, odd rocks, and caves are lined about 30 km along the western coast.
These were formed by rough waves of the Sea of Japan.

The coast is called Noto-Kongô (能登金剛), and there are some scenic spots.

Ganmon is the most popular spot, and is located roughly in the center of Noto-Kongo.
A sea cave like a tunnel is under a rocky cliff.

The height is 15 meters, the width is 6 meters, and the depth is 60 meters.

The cave is close to the coast and there is a walking trail to the coast.
It can be seen nearby from there.

The coast around Ganmon
The coast around Ganmon

Ganmon from the sea
Ganmon from the sea

A pleasure boat to the cave is operated, and we can see the cave from the sea.
It takes about 20 minutes.

The area around the cave is like a natural park, and there are some walking trails and observatories.

Because of the great earthquake and tsunami on Jan.1, 2024, some landslides occurred around Ganmon and the walking trails were damaged.
And the pleasure boat to Ganmon was also damaged. The cruising is closed for the time being.

Ganmon Cruise

How to get here

By local train of JR Nanao Line, to Hakui, about 1 hour from Kanazawa, about 30 minutes from Nanao.

Then, from Hakui station, by route bus for Togi, about 55 minutes to Ushioroshi stop.
About 1.2 km walk from Ushioroshi stop.

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