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Hundred Caves of Yoshimi [吉見百穴]

Hundred Caves of Yoshimi
Entrance of Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

The caves of Hundred Caves of Yoshimi
The caves of Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

Hundred Caves of Yoshimi is a cluster of ancient grave caves dug on the cliff.

It is located about 2 km east of Higashi-Matsuyama city and in Yoshimi town.
And it is located about 25 km northwest of Omiya in Saitama city.

In Japanese, it is called "Yoshimi-Hyakuana" or "Yoshimi-Hyakketsu".

The name of the place is "Hundred caves", but there are 219 caves on the cliff.
The size of each cave is about 1 meter and all of them were constructed artificially.

It is said that they were made in the 6th and 7th centuries.
But, it is not known why these had been constructed.

Because the ruin of burial chamber was found in the caves, some archaeologists say they were the ancient tombs.

But the other archaeologists say it was the dwelling site of small people in folklore of the Ainu (one of indigenous peoples in Japan).

In some caves, luminous mosses grow naturally, and it is be designated as a national natural treasure.

A cave of Hundred Caves of Yoshimi
A cave of Hundred Caves of Yoshimi

Inside of underground factory
Inside of underground factory

In addition, this cliff has a few big caves dug for underground factory of fighter plane in 1944 and 1945 during World War II.

We can enter most caves, but some caves with danger or with luminous mosses are closed.

How to get here

By Tojo Line of Tobu Railway, about 1 hour from Ikebukuro to Higashi-Matsuyama.
Then, by route bus to Konosu-Menkyo-Center, about 5 minutes from Higashi-Matsuyama station to "Hyakuana-Iriguchi" stop.

Or, by JR Takasaki Line, about 55 minutes from Tokyo or Shinjuku to Konosu.
By route bus to Higashi-Matsuyama, about 15 minutes from Konosu station to "Hyakuana-Iriguchi" stop.

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