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Fujiko-F-Fujio Museum [藤子・F・不二雄ミュージアム]

Fujiko-F-Fujio Museum
Fujiko .F. Fujio Museum
Photo by Chi-Hung Lin

Doraemon, Fujiko .F. Fujio Museum
Photo by Kentaro Ohno

Fujiko-F-Fujio Museum is the museum displaying the works and materials of Fujiko F. Fujio (1933-1996), and was opened in 2011.

It is located about 14 km northwest of JR Kawasaki station.
There is Nihon Minka-en museum and Ikuta Ryokuchi Park about 1.5 km west of this museum.

Fujiko F. Fujio was a popular manga artist, and his real name was Fujimoto Hiroshi.
He had created Japanese popular mangas since the 1950s, with Fujiko Fujio-A (Abiko Motoo, 1934-).

Fujimoto and Abiko had created many manga works cooperatively and released them in the name of "Fujiko Fujio".

They stopped the collaborative production in 1987, then each started creative activities independently.

Fujimoto had been living in Kawasaki city for a long time, but he has passed away in 1996.

After that, his wife offered Kawasaki city to exhibit his enormous volume of the original pictures of manga and the other materials.

As a result, this museum was established by Kawasaki city in 2011.

Inside of Fujiko-F-Fujio Museum
Fujiko .F. Fujio Museum
Photo by Chi-Hung Lin

Perman, Fujiko .F. Fujio Museum
Photo by Kentaro Ohno

Most popular manga of his is Doraemon.
It is a robot of cat which has come from the 22th century.
It lives in a house of Nobita who is an elementary school student, and the unique daily life by Doraemon, Nobita and his friends is expressed.

The original works had been many comic books for elementary school student from 1970 to 1996.
It is said that the number of the story is 1,344.

Even now, Doraemon maintaines its popularity with Japanese children.
And the works have been imported to many countries in the world.

In the museum, there are the rooms displaying the works and materials.
And there are some attractions for children, the theater of original anime, cafe and souvenir shop in the museum.

To enter this museum, we must buy the ticket in advance at the convenience store "LAWSON" in Japan.
There is no ticket office in this museum.

But you can buy it in your country.
Please look at the official website.

There are four times of entering.
They are 10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00.
There is no time limit in the museum.

Basically, it is closed on Tuesday.
There are a few closed periods for about 10 days in a year.
And it is closed for some days during Year-end and New Year holidays.

Fujiko-F-Fujio Museum

How to get here

Get on the train of JR Nanbu Line at JR Kawasaki station.
Or, get on the train of Odakyu Railway at Shinjuku station.

Get off at Noborito station.
About 9 minutes by route bus to this museum.

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