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Yokohama Bay Bridge [横浜ベイブリッジ]

Yokohama Bay Bridge from Red Brick Park
From Red Brick Park

Yokohama Bay Bridge from Osanbashi
From Osanbashi

Map of Kan-nai area
Map of Kan-nai area
1) Bashamichi 2) Museum of Cultural History
3) NYK Maritime Museum 4) Kaiko-Kinen Kaikan
5) Ôsanbashi 6) Hikawamaru 7) Marine Tower
8) Motomachi 9) Yokohama Bay Bridge

Yokohama Bay Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge located about 2 km east of Yamashita park.

It is built over Yokohama Port from north to south in 1989.

The length is 860 meters, and this bridge is for cars.
It has no walkway.

This bridge is a part of the expressway running along the coast line of Tokyo Bay.

We can see the bridge at any place of Yokohama Port.

But this bridge has a problem.

The height of the bridge above sea level is about 55 meters.
Therefore, several large cruise ship in the world can't pass under this bridge.

So they can't stop at Ôsanbashi pier which is the best place for the sightseeing of Yokohama.

How to get here

Basically, you can see the view from main area of Yokohama Port.

And Yokohama Port Cruising ships pass under the bridge.

Sea Bus, Marine Rouge (Japanese website)

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