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Odaiba [お台場]

Rainbow Bridge
Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba area

Odaiba area
Odaiba area

Odaiba is an reclaimed area in Tokyo Bay.
Now, here is the popular area as new Tokyo waterfront subcenter.

The location is about 7 km south of Tokyo station and about 3 km east of Shinagawa station.
It is connected by Rainbow Bridge with mainland.

"Daiba" means "battery", and the first "o" is the prefix making the word courteous in Japanese.

When Japan had been closed off to the world under Edo government for about 250 years, the U.S. freet to require Japan to open the country suddenly appeared near Japan in 1853.

Therefore, the government built the eight batteries in Tokyo Bay in a hurry.
But these had never used, then Japan had opened the country the next year.

In the 20th century, these had been bought to the private sectors, but most of them had been demolished or been landfilled.

Today, only the 3rd and 6th batteries are remaining as historical sites near current Odaiba area.

Odaiba area is about 3 km from east to west and 2 km from north to south in width.

Street of Odaiba area
Street of Odaiba area

Odaiba area in the evening
Odaiba area in the evening

Map of Odaiba

Officially, Odaiba district is only the northwest part.
The southwest part is called Aomi district and the east part is called Ariake district.

Odaiba area is popular as a date spot.
We can see the view of Tokyo Bay and enjoy the night view of central Tokyo in the evening.

And there are some touring spots, entertainment complexes and shopping malls in this area.

The most popular transportation is Yurikamome.
It connects between Odaiba and Shinbashi through Rainbow Bridge.

And Rinkai Line runs underground through this area from east to west.

Odaiba seaside park (お台場海浜公園)

Odaiba seaside park
Odaiba seaside park

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Odaiba seaside park ("Odaiba Kaihinkoen" in Japanese) is a park along the northwest beach of Odaiba area.

It is an artificial beach bent at a right angle, and the total length is about 1.5 km.
The main part is sand beach, and the western part is rocky shore for fishing.

Near rocky shore, there is the 11-meter tall replica of Statue of Liberty in Paris.

In 1998, the real statue had been placed here for a year in commemoration of "Anniversary of France in Japan".
After that, this replica was presented from the French Government in 2000.

Sky Walk in Odaiba area
Sky Walk in Odaiba area

Beach of Odaiba
Beach of Odaiba

Along the beach, Sky Walk is set up.
It is like a sky walkway.

We can see Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower, the buildings along the Tokyo waterfront area and the ship on Tokyo Bay from here.

The nearest station is "Odaiba-kaihinkoen" or "Daiba" of Yurikamome.

There are the following entertainment facilities around the beach.

DECKS Tokyo Beach AquaCity Odaiba

Daiba park (台場公園)

Daiba park
Daiba park

The 6th battery
The 6th battery

Daiba park is a park connecting to Odaiba seaside park with a breakwater.
It is the former 3rd battery.

The site is about 160 meters square, and it is on the stone wall over 5 meters high.
From here, we can enjoy the nice view.

In the site, there are the remains of batteries, ammunition depot, army barracks, etc.

There is the 6th battery about 300 meters west of this park. (It's prohibited to enter there.)

Museums in Odaiba

Icebreaker Soya in Museum of Maritime Science
Icebreaker Soya in Museum of Maritime Science


There are two museums in Odaiba.

Museum of Maritime Science (船の科学館) is the museum that Japan's first icebreaker "Soya" to the South Pole is displayed.

The nearest station is "Tokyo International Cruise Terminal" station of Yurikamome.

Museum of Maritime Science (pdf)

Miraikan (日本科学未来館) is the museum introducing the latest science and technology in Japan.
The formal name is "National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation".

The nearest station is "Fune-no-kagakukan" and "Telecom Center" stations of Yurikamome.


Tokyo Big Sight (東京国際展示場)

Tokyo Big Sight
Tokyo Big Sight

Entrance of Tokyo Big Sight
Entrance of Tokyo Big Sight

Tokyo Big Sight is a big convention center.
The formal name is "Tokyo International Exhibition Center" (In Japanese, "Tokyo Kokusai-tenjijo").
It is located in Ariake district.

It has two big exhibition halls and a conference tower between them.
The conference tower has the structure combined reversed 4 square pyramids on the top.

Various kinds of exhibithions and events are held all the year over.
The exhibitions related to manga and anime are popular.

The nearest station is "Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon" of Yurikamome or "Kokusai-tenjijo" of Rinkai Line.

Tokyo Big Sight

How to get here

  • By Yurikamome, from Shinbashi, 13 minutes to "Odaiba-kaihinkoen" (U06), 22 minutes to "Kokusai-tenjijo-seimon" (U11).
  • By Rinkai Line, from Osaki, 11 minutes to "Tokyo Teleport", 13 minutes to "Kokusai-tenjijo".

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