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Nisshinkan school [日新館]

Entrance to Nisshinkan
Entrance to Nisshinkan

A room in Nisshinkan
A room in Nisshinkan
Photo by Fukushima Prefecture

Nisshinkan is the old school of Aizu Domain located about 6 km north of Aizu-Wakamatsu station.

This school was built by Aizu Domain in 1803 for promotion of education near Tsurugajo castle.
Therefore, the name is often introduced as Aizu Hanko, Nisshinkan (會津藩校 日新館) to specify that it was established by Aizu Domain.

Image of studying in Nisshinkan
Image of studying
Photo by Fukushima Prefecture

Japan's oldest pool in Nisshinkan
Japan's oldest pool
Photo by Fukushima Prefecture

When the son of high ranking samurai became 10 years old, he entered this school.
It is said that over 1,000 students were studying in the school.

They learned reading of Chinese classics, rules of decorum, writing and martial arts.

There is a pond in the school, and they practiced swimming there.
So, it is said that the pond is the Japan's oldest pool.

Byakkotai consisted of the students in the school.

But when the battle occured in 1868, most of the buildings had been burnt down.
Today, only the site of astronomical observatory remains.

Japanese archery hall in Nisshinkan
Japanese archery hall
Photo by Fukushima Prefecture

Ruin of astronomical observatory in Nisshinkan
Ruin of astronomical observatory

In 1987, the whole buildings were reconstructed completely at the current place.

The site is the historical place, but it is open to the public as a training facility.

How to get here

By route route bus, about 27 minutes from Aizu-Wakamatsu station.

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