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Iizaka hot spring resort [飯坂温泉]

Hotels in Iizaka Onsen
Hotels in Iizaka Onsen

Hakoyu, one of public bathhouses in Iizaka Onsen
Hakoyu, one of public bathhouses
Photo by Fukushima Prefecture

Iizaka Onsen is a hot spring resort located about 9 km north of the center of Fukushima city.

It is said that Yamato-Takeru bathed in this hot spring first in the 2th century.
(Yamato-Takeru is a hero in Japanese myth but It isn't certain whether he was an existing person.)

There are several dozen of hotels along Surikami River.

And there are nine public bathhouses in this town.

Especially, Sabakoyu (鯖湖湯) is the oldest bath and it is said that Yamato-takeru took a bath here.

Sabakoyu in Iizaka Onsen
Sabakoyu in Iizaka Onsen

Hakoyu, one of public bathhouses in Iizaka Onsen
Former Horikiri Residence

As a historical building, there is Kyu Horikiri-tei (旧堀切邸, Former Horikiri Residence) in the onsen town.

Horikiri Family was a wealthy merchant since the 17th century, and this was the residence of the family.
Main building was rebuilt in 1881 after destroyed in a fire, but a few buildings were built in the late 18th century.

This residence is open to the public, and a foot bath is in the residence.

Iizaka Onsen

How to get here

From JR Fukushima station, about 23 minutes by the train of Fukushima Kotsu Line.

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