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Nebuta Museum "Wa Rasse" [ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ]

Wa Rasse
Wa Rasse
Photo by Wa Rasse

Hall displaying real Nebuta in Wa Rasse
Hall displaying real Nebuta
Photo by Wa Rasse

Nebuta Museum "Wa Rasse" is a facility introducing the history and charms of the Aomori Nebuta Festival.
It is located immediately east of JR Aomori station.

Nebuta is the festival held in summer at many cities in Aomori Prefecture.
In Aomori city, it is held from 2nd to 7th in August every year.

Many floats are paraded with many shouting citizens through the streets in the evening.
A big paper lantern in the shape of a warrior is on each float, and the lights inside the lantern create a fantasic sight.

A Nebuta float in Wa Rasse
A Nebuta float
Photo by Wa Rasse

A Nebuta face in Wa Rasse
A Nebuta face
Photo by Wa Rasse

You can see four real floats of Nebuta used in recent festivals.

The face of the warrior drawn on the Nebuta lantern is the important feature. So various Nebuta faces by some creators are displayed.

Nebuta Museum "Wa Rasse"

How to get here

About 100 meters from the east exit of JR Aomori station.

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