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Bihoro Pass [美幌峠]

Scenery at Bihoro Pass
Scenery at Bihoro Pass

Souvenir shop at Bihoro Pass
Souvenir shop at Bihoro Pass

Map around Bihoro Pass
Map around Bihoro Pass

Bihoro Pass ("Bihoro Tôge" in Japanese) is a mountain pass located to the west of Lake Kussharo.

It is one of the popular scenic spots.

The pass is on the west part of the mountain surrounding the caldera with Lake Kussharo.

The size of the caldera is about 26 kilometers from east to west and about 20 kilometers from north to south, and it is the widest caldera in Japan.

So the landscape is nice.
And Lake Kussharo and its Nakajima island extend before your eyes.

The road around Bihoro Pass
The road around Bihoro Pass

Winter scenery at Bihoro Pass
Winter scenery at Bihoro Pass

This pass has a road connecting the southen coast of Lake Kussharo and Bihoro city.
There is a souvenir shop with restaurant, and the observatory at an altitude of 525 meters is close to the shop.

How to get here

The distance from Wakoto Peninsula at the south end of Lake Kussharo is about 15 kilometers.
There is no regular public transportation to this pass.
Basically, to visit here, you must use a rental car or taxi.

This spot is in Teshikaga town.
The town is operated a route bus for tourist using Teshikaga Eco Passport.
It is operated around Lake Mashu, Kawayu Onsen and Lake Kussharo within a certain period of time in summer and late winter.
Please check the official website.

Teshikaga Eco Passport

There is also a way to use regular sightseeing bus from Kushiro.
The sightseeing bus and above route bus are operated by Akan Bus company.

Akan Bus

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