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Kusatsu hot spring resort

Kusatsu hot spring resortKusatsu hot spring resort is in the west part of Gunma Prefecture, and is located about 40 km west-northwest of Shibukawa city.
The resort is on the western slope of Mount Shirane (2,160 meters high). It is located at the level of about 1,200 meters.
In Japanese, it is called "Kusatsu-onsen".

This hot spring had been known since ancient times, and had been famous all over the country in the 15th century.
So it is one of the most major hot spring resorts in Japan.

In the center of the resort town, there is one of the 6 places springing hot water.
It is called "Yubatake", and is like a large pond. This is the symbol of Kusatsu.
Around Yubatake, there are many hotels, ryokans and public bathes, and they use this hot water.
Always abundant hot water is flowing like a waterfall.

At the western end of the town, there is another famous place springing hot water.
It is called "Nishi-no-kawara" or "Sai-no-kawara".
Here is a large outdoor bath like a pool.

The water of Kusatsu hot spring is strongly-acid (about pH 2.0) and high-temperature (50-90 degrees C).
So it is said that the hot spring cure skin disease, neuralgia and other various diseases except sickness of love.

Because the water is too hot, early people had stirred the hot water in the bathtab with long wooden boards with a united effort, to lower the temperature and have a bath comfortably.
It is called "yumomi" in Japanese, and Yumomi Preservation Society has been founded for preserving a traditional culture.
It takes some time to lower the temperature, so yomomi is done to the local folk song.

Near Yubatake, there is Kosenji temple founded by high priest Gyoki in 721.
The main temple was rebuilt in 1890.
Shakadou in the precincts was built in 1703, and is the oldest building in Kusatsu.

How to get to here

By railroad

By limited express "Kusatsu" on JR Joetsu Line and Agatsuma Line, about 2 hours 25-30 minutes from Ueno to Naganohara-Kusatsu-guchi.
Change to a route bus. About 22-28 minutes to Kusatsu hot spring resort.

By express bus

From Shinjuku station, about 3 hours and 40 minutes - 4 hours and 10 minutes.

By car

  1. Run Kan-etsu Expressway, and exit Shibukawa-Ikaho Exit. About 110 km from Tokyo. About 1 hours 20 minutes.
  2. About 60 km from Shibukawa-Ikaho Exit.

Yubatake and resort town Waterfall in Yubatake
An old ryokan in Kusatsu Public bathes in Kusatsu
Approach to Kosenji temple
Main temple of Kosenji
Large outdoor bath at Nishi-no-kawara Yumomi
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